Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giveaway For Gracelynn and Delaney (Kiki & Debbie)

    • Meet Gracelynn and Delaney (Kiki & Debbie on RR)
Gracelynn (Kiki)

Delaney (Debbie) 

Today I saw a post that made me stop in my tracks.  Yes, I advocate for many kids and I help as many families as I can but when I saw this post from Jamie Coleman God told me to reach out.
  • Well sometimes when it rain it pours! We should be getting our travel date any day now and we are still about $3500 short on funds for our first trip and remaining fees! My computer cras...hed so I can not blog, our speedometer went out in my car and I got caught speeding (I thought I was doing the speed limit), my crib for one of our new little one has been recalled, my cell phone glass shattered, a...nd I am on the edge of a minor melt down! I would like to do some kind of catchy fundraiser but to be honest, I don't even know where to start today! So I am going to be plain old honest! If you can help us get even a dollar closer to our goal, it would be greatly appreciated! I don't have any great prizes to hand out or a fun drawing to enter you in! But, our God who sees all, knows all and provides, will see your efforts and thank you in ways I never could have!!!!! I am not a beggar, but could use some help, prayer and encouragement!!! Know i am praying for each of you too!!
    Upon talking to this mother, I was told 
    • "We had all the money in December, and then our son was in the hospital, our daughter was flight air lifed in February, and we have medical bills out our tails."  She also said "This is Satan rallying against us to keep Delaney and Gracelynn as orphans." Satan will not win.

      No one can predict what will happen, but despite these challenges this family is still fighting to rescue these precious children.  
      Let us not love with words or tongue, but in action and truth.  John 8:8


They are at $6200.00 in their FSP. They need to get to atleast $8200. Thats $2500.  I have seen God move mountains like this.  

 $300 for the remainder of agency fees. 


$1800 for plane tickets 

$500 for  food

$500 for Hotel 

$460 for the childrens' Visas

Right now Jamie's husband is going alone because the plane tickets are too high.  But if they get the $2,000 plus an additional $1800 she can go too.   

I'm asking you to pray about this.  Share this.  And if you can Donate to this family. Choose something you want to help them with and lift that burden.  

I figured we might need a bit of an incentive.   I don't have large amounts of money or big prizes.  Just my heart and God telling me to do what I can.  So for everyone who donates will be entered into a drawing.  There will be 3 winners.  I am offering $25 to ANY child or Family FSP grant through Reece's Rainbow. We also have $25 target gift card and a $15 iTunes gift card. 




***After you donate, leave a comment here with which prize you would like to win.

This fundraiser will go until June 30.  

Thank you for Donating, Sharing, and Praying for this Family!


  1. I donated $50 :-). I would love to be able to give $25 more if I win!
    God Bless,

    Jolie Harris

    1. Jolie you won the $25 to a family. I will email you as well.

  2. I donated $25 and am interested in giving $25 to another family.
    Rachel Gosnell

    1. You won the $25 Target Card
      Email me at details

  3. I donated! I'm like to give to another child if I win.

  4. I donated $100 and would take the $25 to any RR child. Donation was under my maiden name (Thomas).

  5. I'm a Peace Corps. volunteer in Eastern Europe donated what I could to help the family... I'd love to win the iTunes gift certificate(bit of an iTunes addict) or the Target gift card (I can always purchase items through the website and have my mom ship them to me here) :)

    1. You won the $15 itunes card. Please contact me at for details.

  6. I donated what I could... would love to win either of the gift cards! :)