Thursday, June 21, 2012


I know some people may be wondering why I am constantly doing an auction or a giveaway or some sort of fundraiser.  Sometimes I want to take a break but no sooner do I help one person, child or family the next is needing some help.  Do I blame the orphans?  No.  Do I blame the families fighting through paperwork and fundraising and frustration?  No. The orphans need advocates to fight for them.  The families need encouragement and funds for the children's' ransoms'.  Right now I can't adopt but pray someday I can.  But right now I just can't take a break.  This is why:
The above are 4 children who have advocates fighting like mad to raise their funds and find them families.
These 2 have a family in COUNTRY right now but they are short funds to get home due to some increase in fares and circumstances out of their control.
 This family is also in country right now about $1,000 short. Their blog is:

This sweet boy has a family fighting for him.  I have grown to love his family and can't wait until Vinnie is home safe.  This family is also waiting on travel dates but are not yet fully funded.  Their blog is:
This sweet girl captured my heart and her mommy is working really hard to get her.  She is not yet fully funded.  She will be the next auction I am running.  Blog is:
This little one is waiting for her parents to come back for her since due to changing laws they couldn't adopt her when they adopted her "sister" until she turned 5.  Now they are in a rush to get funds.  They need $14,500!!!!! Their blog is:

This family is adopting 5 children with 13 at home.  They are truly wonderful people.  They are waiting on travel dates and are also a couple thousand short.
Their blog is:

These girls have a family coming soon too.  They are waiting on travel dates and are $35, 000 short!!!! I have a current giveaway going for them.  See above post.  Their blog is:
This sweet girl had a friend that was adopted and now the family is going back for her.  They are in desperate need of funds.  They do have fundraisers going on. Please check them out.
This little beauty has a mommy fighting real hard to raise funds for her.  She stays up really late making bow after bow to sale.  Kenzie (Xenia) is in an expensive country.  They are about $8,000 short.  There is an online auction going on for this family on my face book under my events.   "Help Kenzie home."  Their blog is:  http://love–conquers–
 This sweet boy has a family coming who have been fundraising thier booties off.  Jaxon is in an expensive country so they are short about $25,000 still. :-(  Their blog is:

You cannot look at these faces and tell me to take a break.  These kids might not survive if we "take a break."  These children need us and I am sorry if all my fundraisers bug you but I'm helping to make a difference....Are you? 

All Reeces Rainbow FSP's are listed under the kids picture in case you feel the desire to donate. The blogs are also posted.  Some people are doing fundraisers....others just need prayers.  

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  1. Thank you for all that you do. You are doing God's will and doing it to your fullest extent. Many blessings to you and I understand not being able to rest. I already know that getting Sarah and Aleigh home will not be the end of our callings. And we will answer! Many blessings.