Thursday, May 24, 2012

Virtual Baby Shower for "Sydney" and "Lucien" Jenks!

Before you have a baby you usually have a baby shower.  Rebecca Jenks is in her last Trimester of this Paper Pregnancy.  The babies will be home soon.  They don't need the traditional gifts.  They need help to rescue their babies.  I will post their wish list.  Please make your donation and email me at and let me know what "gift" you purchased. After you have given your gift it will be crossed off the list.  (I used small increments so everyone could donate but feel free to donate the whole cost of something if you feel led).

Don't forget to "sign" your gift by leaving a comment here for the happy couple. :-)

Just to make it more fun, anyone who donates will be put into a drawing for 2 fandango movie tickets.  (Given in a Voucher).  For every $10 you donate equals one entry.
 Please make your donation to their FSP at:

Gifts needed:

Lodging in Region before Gotcha Day  ($300)

$300 Anonymous

Transportation to orphanage to visit before Gotcha Day($300)
$300 Stori W.

Transportation to and from Region to Capital City ($500) 
(5 trips, to finish up paperwork)

$500 Anonymous

Food in Capital City ($100)

$30  Annie T                   
$70 Anonymous

Medical/Visa (Sydney) ($340) 

$340 Anonymous

Medical/Visa (Lucien) ($340) 

$340 Anonymous 

Passport (Sydney) ($600)

$600 Anonymous

Passport (Lucien) ($600) 

$600 Anonymous

i-600 ($720)

$720 Anonymous

Flight home (Rebecca) ($900)

$900 Anonymous

Flight home Lap Infant ($100) 

$100 Anonymous

Flight home 2nd seat ($900)
Have to pay adult prices for seat for 2nd baby due to Olymics :-(

$400 Anonymous
$500 left to be fully funded!!!!

Thank you for helping to save two lives! Please Share and Pray!!



  1. $30 for food :) I can't wait to meet your babies! They are very lucky to have parents fighting so hard to bring them home!

    Annie T.

  2. Annie T. You are the winner of the fandango gift certificate!