Friday, July 6, 2012

Winners for the Giveaway for the Colemans’

Remember there are 3 prizes.
$25 to a RR child or family
$25 Target Card
$15 itunes

Jolie Robinson                1   Won the $25 to a family
Rachel Gosnell               2    $25 Target Card
Melanie Seasholtz          3
Julie                                4
Wheelbarrowrider          5
This crazy hope              6   $15 itunes

Only one person requested the itunes so she got it.
The 2nd winner was for the $25 Target Card and the 3rd was for the $25 to RR chosen by

$25 to RR

For Target Card

Congratulations to the winners.  Please leave an email so I can contact you about your prize.  Also thank you for supporting the Coleman family.  

Daddy is in country now meeting his girls and they will need more funds for their second trip.  
Please check out the birthday party post for Delaney if you have a desire to help more.

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