Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saving her-GIVEAWAY!!!

I need your help.  I have been advocating for a certain little girl and a family has stepped forward.  She wants to adopt her! Praise God.  Unfortunately they want a lot of the stuff up front.  I am not saying this child is any more important than the next child but this child is almost 7!!! It is important we act fast.  I would love to share with you who this special child is.

I was blessed enough to get a Nook donated for a giveaway to help this family raise money for her initial costs.  The goal is $3,000.  Sound impossible.  Yeah it does to me too.  But I do know nothing is impossible with God.  We have so many supporters of this little girl I have to believe we will find a way to bring her home ASAP.  She has been in the intuition for years now.  Help me to save her.  I wish I could show you her picture.  Her smile that lights up her face.  So as of right now I am doing a  simple giveaway.  The prize is a Nook.

$10    1 entry
$15    2 entries
$30    5 entries. 
$50   10 entries
$100 25 entries
One extra entry for sharing.
This giveaway will go until Jan 31st at 8pm.  Hurry!

Please make your payment at under the chip in then send me the receipt at or on facebook. 

Donate, Share, Pray

Thank you!


  1. Hi Christina. How do we enter? Do we just donate through the RR link above?

  2. At the chip-in at

  3. I donated $50, as well as shared on my personal FB. Sent you my chip-in receipt tonight as proof. :)

  4. I chipped in $20 :) Let me know, if you need a copy of my receipt.